Education Solutions

Engaging Students both in the classroom and remotely, for an exceptional learning experience.

In order to create an environment of immersed connection and engagement between teacher and students, all classrooms should now investigate the concept of Interactive Learning. An EDUHUB Solution provides supply and installation of IT systems and Interactive Panels that introduced technology-based study to empower and engage all students, no matter the age. This interactive presence ensures high efficiency, creativity, intelligence and critical thinking.

Interactive Panels create an interesting learning environment, students and Teachers can practically and easily engage the entire class whether they are onsite, or remote, our systems are convenient, reliable, and extremely simple to use.

We also provide seamless visitor experience and easy and simple administration in schools and training organisations by installing easy-to-use visitor’s sign-in and monitoring software. This allows the organization to process, welcome, and monitor the visitor in the premises. Visitor’s ID or QR scan monitors limit the arrival of people without authorization and keep the management notify about every sign-in and sign-out. This works exceptionally in increasing and managing the security efficiently.